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Frequently asked questions

For Apps

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to start making money with your app data. Set up a VenPath account here:


  1. Download our iOS SDK and / or Android SDK after setting up your account, and add into your app.
  2. We will audit your Privacy Policy to ensure you are disclosing the collection of data.
  3. After approval, your data will be added into our Marketplace and you can start watching your revenues grow.

VenPath is serious about ensuring all data we approve for sale is compliant. That requires you to disclose the data you are collecting, and detail how it is being used.

If your Privacy Policy doesn’t clearly state that you are allowed to share data with a partner for monetization and directly list the types of data you will be sending (and where necessary get explicit opt-in) we will ask you to review your policy and make the necessary changes with your legal counsel.

The amount of money you make depends on a few things:

  1. The types of data you send us.
  2. The volume of data you send us.
  3. Whether you are sending that data to other people or monetizing it elsewhere.
  4. The quality of your data.

If you want an estimate of the potential your data has to earn,  check out our revenue calculator here:

We pay our partners as quickly as possible. In some cases that means we receive payment from our buyers, and within 24 hours we pay you. In any case we pay less than 30 days after receipt of revenue from our partners.

We pay you any way you want.  Within the Connect platform you can choose if you want us to send you a check, wire a payment, send you a pre-loaded debit card.

Soon, you’ll even be able to get paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

We have set up a real-time data flow tool within our dashboard. You can check it out after you register here:

If you ever have any questions – you can reach out to us on our dedicated Developer Slack channel.

All of our partners are privacy-approved enterprise customers. We sell data to AdTech, Research, Finance, Consumer Brands, and to a growing group of people who need to better understand movement and activity in the real world.

While we don’t disclose the exact names of the buyers – we show you a partner-by-partner breakdown of where your data is being sold, and for how much.  This allows you to get smarter about how frequently and at what price your data is being sold.

Check it out here:

For Data Buyers

We can supply data in any form you need, whether that is a csv file, a stream of data direct to your data lake, an API connection for real-time data, or any other custom transfer mechanism.  Most integrations are completed in 24 hours or less.

We can even deploy an instantaneous solution so your data science team can be working on key business challenges with our data in less time than it took you to read this answer.

We run a rigorous compliance and privacy policy audit before ever enabling data to be sold on our platform.

If you have specific business needs around your data compliance, we can discuss in any level of detail necessary.  Just drop us a line here.

We are a global data business.

While we have a larger concentration of data in the US, we are EU Privacy Shield Certified, and can provide key data sets from the EU and the rest of the world.

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