We take consumer privacy and compliance seriously. We know data and its usage is a big deal, and one of the most important considerations when any individual uses your product or service.

At VenPath we have a foundational belief that data belongs to the consumer. It’s why we provide control to consumers via an opt-out, it’s why we embrace and certify the ideals of Privacy Shield, and it’s why we look to the future in which we are a part of the ecosystem that provides clarity around what data is being used by platforms, and how it is being shared.

Every time we onboard a new app to our platform we perform a manual privacy audit. Plenty of partners get rejected initially because they are not clearly describing what data they are collecting, or how that data is being used.

We think it’s important to think beyond the privacy policy, look towards the future and ensure that as data becomes more and more available – we maintain the responsibility to the consumer and their privacy.

If you ever have a question or concern about how we treat data and consumers right – feel free to reach out to us directly at : privacy@venpath.net

We want to hear from you.