Monetize Your App

Your app has valuable data.
Let's monetize it together without ruining your user experience.

Consistent, predictable revenue.

Building sustainable revenue streams for your app is hard.

You can charge for the app and hope you keep getting new downloads. You can sell in app purchases and try to give users a reason to upgrade. You can sell advertising and destroy your user experience.


You can stay totally privacy compliant and monetize your anonymous app data.

    Over $


     Paid to partners.

Data types that monetize

  • Location
  • App Usage
  • Match
  • Transactions
  • Search
  • Your Unique Dataset

We work with a wide range of data types

Accurate location data is incredibly important, but there’s more to the world than that.  Our SDK can handle any type of data that your app has access to.  Even if your app is the only one in the world with a specific data type, we can take it in without any update to our SDK.

And we have free analytics

View your data as it comes in. See what users are doing on your app at any given moment. See exactly how many of our partners are consuming your data, and exactly how much you are earning from them. Full transparancy is our game.

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Your app could be, and should be, bringing in more revenue than it is right now.

Don’t ruin the experience for your users by showing them ads… Tap into your app’s hidden revenue stream.

Monetize your data.


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