Using Our Data

How to use our accurate and compliant dataset in your business.
Why would you even think about touching data unless it's accurate and compliant?

The Most Accurate Location Dataset Available. 100% Compliant.

When it comes to data, accuracy, compliance and bias are the biggest challenges.

Those are problems that we’ve solved.

Our data is sourced from a large and unique set of apps, giving us remarkably un-biased set of data.

We collect 100% compliant data derived from end user devices, then process it to provide the most accurate deterministic dataset available in the world.


+ Active Apps


+ Million Unique Devices Seen Monthly

Available Datatypes

  • Accurate location
  • Device
  • App Usage
  • Transactions
  • App Usage
  • Search
  • Email Match
  • Other Data

Global Location Distribution

  • The Americas (excl. USA)
  • South America
  • Europe
  • APAC
  • Africa
  • USA


How Clients Use Our Data


Retail And Brand Solutions

Customers and their behaviors are the lifeblood of retail. Understanding market trends consumer activities, and competitive insights are all possible down to the individual shopper level with VenPath’s core locate panel.

Integrating Venpath data into Business Intelligence, Market Research, and Strategy efforts enables a better understanding of your market and competitive set in real time.

Additionally – since all of our data is tied to a device ID – you can combine your CRM data, or other internal insights to VenPath data and then target consumers via your existing DMP or media partners.

Daily Visit Distribution (In Millions)

Finance Solutions

Understanding interactions in the real world, patterns of behavior, and the ability to predictively model what devices are doing is of significant value to the financial sector. Hedge funds, research providers, and buy + sell-side analysts need the most granular, real-time information to inform their calculations of business performance.

VenPath provides the largest scale set of movement and location data that can determine everything from foot traffic to theme parks, hospital admission rates, and hourly wage workforce trends.

Foot Traffic To Revenue Correlations

Ticker #1 : R-value = .99
Ticker #2 : R-value = .96
Ticker #3 : R-value = .71
Ticker #4 : R-value = .86
Ticker #5 : R-value = 1

Media Solutions

Our opted-in panel of high-quality persistent GPS data powers a major media company’s identity graph and device identification platform. By leveraging VenPath data to model users home addresses – any media company can understand the devices within a specific household, and surface individual user behaviors and content viewing patterns.

The data enables more specific targeting of content consumers and expands the campaign base for advertisers to include a larger subset of mobile devices.

AdTech And MarTech Solutions

VenPath has the largest independent collection of raw mobile location data in the world. We have direct connections to over 200 apps leveraging our SDK to pull the most accurate background-collected, persistent GPS data available.

Working with a major location segmentation partner, we power their consumer panel with our over 60MM monthly active users, creating a platform to build behavioral models, and predictive groupings of users and their visits to retail stores.

Real Estate Solutions

Property values can be calculated, but future property values are incredibly hard to predict.  That’s where VenPath comes in.

We can provide the detailed human movements in and around areas where you have potential real estate investments to generate better modeling of real estate value.

Our data can determine who visits retail stores, commercial spaces, and residential buildings.  It also reveals where those people live (by zip code), where else they visit/shop and how their patterns of behavior can help you effectively read the changing dynamics of a geographic area.

By knowing better understanding areas and their demographics, you can better predict demand, foot traffic and prospective changes to property value.

Augmenting App Data

App partners are looking for every opportunity to better understand their users, behaviors and how to drive incremental acquisition.

VenPath can enable you to target behaviors, enrich understanding of your users, and even determine media targeting and segmentation for individual devices that exhibit the traits of your best users.